Affirmations To Give Yourself a Break this Christmas

Published: 26th November 2006
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Once upon a time the celebration of Christmas evoked a warm relaxed feeling. In today's world it seems more like a manic, overly stimulated blur. We get pressure from all angles! Finishing off our last projects at work, not to mention the Christmas party, spending endless amounts of cash, overeating, organizing everything, dealing with the in-laws, and keeping the kids entertained during their holidays. This leaves us little or no time to remember the true meaning of Christmas.

However all the over stimulation can be quite fun. It gives us a buzz to have everyone united at this time, reflect on loved ones, catch up with friends and eat yummy food. But if you're a mess then you won't be much fun to be around, so don't feel guilty, treat yourself, be yourself, don't lose yourself in the madness remember balance is the key.

So here are a few tips for staying sane amongst all of the chaos. First of all don't skimp on anything for yourself. Book a facial or a massage right now! And make sure that you give yourself the time space to enjoy some precious time for you. Then plan and budget for the next three weeks, don't forget your Spa treatments! Buy yourself a gift, a fabulous new outfit, don't spend all your money on everyone else. When you feel good you will project happiness and everyone else will react to this positively. When you start neglecting yourself and giving all your energy to everyone else people will pick up on this and reflect negatively.

Start planning early and buying some extras with your weekly shopping, so that you start to build a stash of goodies in the pantry. The same goes for presents. Instead of stressing at the last minute and making a mad rush to the shops with all the other midnight shoppers, start planning now and put things away. If you are finding it hard to make ends meet. Remember that things always have a habit of working out and you need to affirm this, it is universal law.

A lot of people see money slipping through their fingers during this time and don't know how to control there spending or feel guilty from spending money. What you need to remember with this is that money will always be replenished, keep open to abundance and practice those abundance and prosperity affirmations!

Another difficulty common at Christmas time is dealing with relies. The key to dealing with negative people or situations is to remember that it is your reaction not Great Aunt Mildred, that is actually causing you grief.

Put a white protective aura of pure white light around yourself when you come into contact with a frosty neighbor or a negative relative and don't let other people's energy and words get under your skin. Life is to short, they have the problem not you, but it's how you react that will cause you the problem.

With children, make sure you share the load with other people. If you are currently a single parent call on the services of a close friend or a grand parent to give you a bit of space.

Key things to remember - Start planning your Christmas day menu early, book yourself some treats and put a new outfit into your budget. Start budgeting for presents and making a list of what you will need and who for. Send positive energy to people that are negative. If you only react with a positive attitude this gives you far more personal power than a negative person. Plan to spend time resting and rejuvenating.

Affirmations for stress, prosperity and positive protection from negativity.

I am calm, confident and at peace with my life
Prosperity based on the power of the universe exists in me now and always
Prosperity is my natural state and a part of my mind and my life
I expect unexpected good things to happen to me this day and everyday
Perfect health is now mine
I send out a white protective aura of pure white light around myself
Any negativity I may be experiencing is just a transitional stage leading to greater good
Any negative energy that is directed at me is immediately meet and dissipated with positive energy

With a Ph.D. in Metaphysics, Rebeckh Burns realised through her research the dehabilitating effects of negative thoughts.
You can find out more about Rebeckh and her range of Meditation Music - Affirmation CDs and Visualization Content at her website.

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